Green Fingers

In Russia, we have lots of scary stories that children share after dark, around bonfires. Red Hand that appears in the middle of the night and strangles you; a Man With Blue Teeth that takes you away – forever; Green Fingers that tickle you to death.

But this is not not about those green fingers.

The other day we noticed that Timothy was sporting green paint on his fingers. It obviously came from a marker, but we couldn’t figure out how it got onto his hands. It’s not like out 8-month-old doodles away. Not yet, anyway 🙂

Until today I was playing with Timothy, building a tower with his stackable buckets, and discovered that one of them was covered with green marker lines on the inside. Ah-huh! Our friends came over a few days ago and their son was given the markers and paper, so he must have decided to decorate the inside of a bucket instead of the paper.

Mystery solved 🙂


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