No More a Walking Boob!

Timothy and I go to a community centre Early Years Baby program. Recently we graduated from the 0-6 months class to the 7-12 months one.

The other day as I was sitting there, feeling good about myself wearing mascara and a pretty hairdo, I all of a sudden noticed that most moms around me were wearing makeup (morning-appropriate morning), nicer hairdos, nicer clothes… all because our babies are older, I guess?

In the 0-6 month olds group, moms have pony tails, spit up on shoulders, huge boobs, bellies that they don’t even try to suck in – because who cares about bellies when you run on 5 hours of sleep? I don’t think I have ever seen make-up there. I was the same.

And now… it’s the sign of change. Little by little, we are reclaiming our old selves back. Perhaps we won’t wear high heels to a sit-on-the-floor baby group, but we definitely are not walking boobs any longer (did anyone else feel like a walking boob in the early days?)


8 thoughts on “No More a Walking Boob!

  1. theonethatlovesyou

    Hahaha, I wear sweats and sneakers, ponytail and no makeup. If I put makeup it is only when I really know I will see people, else I couldn’t care less. Heels? I have full closet those and they are all in boxes. I should really put an effort to at least wear mascara…

  2. Alias M.

    haha! I definitely felt like a walking boobie last year. I’m, well, flat everywhere and the sudden increase in bra size made me feel so self conscious. I wouldn’t have minded if they didn’t feel so heavy and hurt so much 🙂

      1. Yuliana

        Double Ds? Uhuh…I was happy to have kind of Cs..not exactly Cs..well, more like large Bs..and now I shrank…back in A, like when I was in my teen years.

  3. St. Elsewhere

    You are beautiful.

    Oh, I would still be stuck in the 0-6 months club lookwise. I sometimes comb my hair when I have already reached my office.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Thanks 🙂
      This pic is a few years old, though :))
      Well, I think what you are doing is admirable. Working AND looking after a baby! Seriously, I don’t know how all of you in America do this. Of course it’s much easier for me to apply mascara – since I don’t have to work yet…


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