Mommy Connections

This is the second post in my planned series on activities with babies.

Another great community that I discovered was Mommy Connections. They bring moms together though sessions. Unlike the Ontario Early Years Centres that I covered in my previous post, these aren’t free; however, they aren’t expensive and well worth the money you spend (I think it was about $100 for 8 sessions).

They have groups in various cities across Canada – and there are a few in Toronto, so you can find the one closer to your home.

Each week there is an hour and a half session devoted to two topics. They usually try and pair those up in a way that you have a boring-for-baby talking expert for one half of it and more interactive (sing-move-touch) one for the other.

They invite experts on various topics. We met: sleep specialist, children’s and babies’ dentist, homeopath, rep from a vacations with babies and kids firm, nanny services rep, nutritionist, baby photographer, financial advisor. Those shared information and left business cards behind (and some of them shared some leave-behind information).

And the more fun parts were: pilates with babies, dancing with babies, music lessons, library group, baby sign language, baby massage.
Here’s Timothy doing pilates in front of the stroller parking outside 🙂

I would say it is best to join Mommy Connections when your baby is 2-5 months, for you will be able to get a taste of a broad variety of activities available and choose what you would like to do during the remaining months of your matleave – sing? Sign? Yoga?

The class wasn’t too big – about a dozen girls (one with twins!) and we always met up for lunch before heading off for the class. The lunch was a bigger event for we met there the morning group girls. We turned the local place into a baby riot every Tuesday!

I made some friends there that I meet with even now (and I occasionally run into others). Here’s our group:

I’ll share a bit more about specific sessions in my future posts.

If you are interested to join one of their classes or learn more – here’s their website.

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2 thoughts on “Mommy Connections

  1. Mrs FF

    That’s some serious traffic jam caused by strollers 🙂 😉

    Sounds like a lot of fun. And that’s quite a big group you have going there. Guess having mummy friends is good and would have lots of advantages.


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