Timothy is Sick :(

Timothy has had minor cold a couple of times before – but this time it’s waterworks, big time. And lots of crying. Sleep turned into nightmare, all of a sudden. He is sleepy, rubbing his eyes, but he just don’t seem to be able to relax enough to drift off. He cries and cries and cries. I have never heard him cry so hard*.

Last night it was awful. It took him an hour to finally fall asleep. Now it’s the same – we’ve been trying to put him down for a nap for an hour and a half now, and he still is awake. I nursed him, I rocked him, I gave him corizalia, I gave him advil (perhaps his throat hurts?), I stayed there holding his hand and singing lullabies, I left him and let him cry so as not to destruct him, I turned his mobile on, I… well – you get the picture.

He still is awake, poor baby 😦 A few times he soothed down enough to give me a smile, only to break into tears moments later.

No fever and nothing else but running nose (as far as I can tell). He screams bloody murder and tries to blow me away with raspberries when I suck his snot with the snotsucker; however, he likes it when I administer drops: he opens his mouth readily.

It’s hard. He really needs to rest. I don’t know how to help him fall asleep. Right now I hope he will just get tired enough to fall asleep despite whatever is bothering him…

*This photo is a few months old; I do not take pictures of sick, inconsolable babies.


17 thoughts on “Timothy is Sick :(

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      No, I don’t see the need. It’s a cold – what is the doctor supposed to do? Running nose is a running nose. There’s no sign that it’s something worse than a cold.

  1. Alias M.

    Poor thing! I hope he’s feeling better now. It was such a sad sight when my baby got sick, too. His nose was clogged then runny then clogged. A nebulizer with a saline solution soothed him. This might help if Little Timothy gets sick again.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Thank you.
      I haven’t even been aware of nebulizers – I used saline drops and then use a snot sucker. I googled it – looks scary, like an oxygen mask? How do you use it (and keep it on)?

      1. Alias M.

        Haha, actually, my baby hated the mask. What we did was we got underneath a blanket and played “camping” and peekaboo while I was holding the mask near his face. Tiring but I got to inhale the evaporating solution too, so it cured my rhinitis as well (for the time being anyway). Everyone at home has rhinitis and my mom had asthma that’s why we have the machine on hand.

  2. Sophia Kapcia

    Hey hope he feels better. He definitely won’t like a nebulizer 😦 Lots of cuddles, mamma’s milk and paracetamol. Rub your clean fingers along his gum to see if there is any swelling or raised fresh in his month because it could be teething. All the best.

  3. Sam

    Honey, I would get him to a doc and have his ear’s checked out. Kade always gets a snotty nose when he’s cutting teeth and cos their ear canals are shorter often the snot drains into their ears causing infection. Kade never showed ANY signs of ear infection and when I finally took him just to be sure lo and behold he had a double ear infection. Timothy sounds like Kade did when he had his so rather safe than sorry.

    Hope he feels better soon.


    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Thanks Sam – we have our well-baby appointment on Wednesday, so I will definitely have this checked (that’s really why I didn’t feel any need to rush to see a doctor).

      Timothy is much better. His second nap was good and he went down to sleep in the evening fairly easily, too 🙂

  4. Valerie

    Oh, poor little guy! Are you breastfeeding? I only ask because there were a few times my son, Samuel, cried that way (but he was not sick) and it turned out it was something new in MY diet that didn’t agree with him. Just a thought. 🙂 Glad he’s feeling better!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Hmmm. Yes, I am still nursing. Can’t think of anything new that I ate, though…
      He’s getting better. Still cranky and whiny, but better.
      We have our well-baby appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see if all is well and it, indeed, was just a cold.

  5. Yuliana

    Ugh, hope he is doing better( by the way , there are wonderful nasal aspirators in Russia, clean those little noses quickly.)
    I am second to the post about the nebulizers -we got one after Timofei’s last year croup ( shrugs). My friend highly recommended me to buy one and I did. You don’t have to use a mask, there is an attachment that produces mist, it can be just perched on the machine itself.
    Like this one:
    We just set it up and turn it on while we eat or play. It is somewhat noisy though.


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