Baby Massage Classes

Even before Timothy was born, my husband had already decided that physical development will be an important part of his life; for his first year, we had aimed to take baby massage and swimming classes.

So when Timothy turned about 2 months old, we took 3 baby massage classes provided by a registered nurse who had years of experience working for Sick Kids hospital – and her own children.

The class was rather small, only 2 other babies. We went as a family, and after the first class the other moms brought their husbands, too (it was a Sunday class).

We all sat on the floor, babies lying on yoga mats (and our brought-from-home blankies). Dolls were provided so that the other parent can practice, too.

First class we talked about benefits of baby massage. She explained that babies might need to get used to the idea of you touching them, so we started off with extremities – legs and arms.

Second class was face massage (so fun! Timothy was opening his mouth every time we circles his mouth :))) and sinus massage is good to know for clearing nasal congestion in babies).

And only during the third class we turned them onto their bellies for the back massage (a lot of babies hate tummy time!)

Whenever Timothy got cranky, I would pick him up and hubby would continue massage of Timothy lying in my lap (as per the nurse’s advice). If he got too unhappy, however, that was the sign to stop (never happened). The classes were about 45 minutes long.

Each class she gave laminated pages of what and how to do to add on a key-chain ring, so we still have it in good shape, despite oily hands and all 🙂

This was a great bonding opportunity for all three of us; we used massage sometimes as part of the bedtime routine to soothe Timothy.

I would definitely recommend taking this class – as a family, if possible!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Massage Classes

  1. Valerie

    How neat! I could have definitely gotten into massage if we’d gone to a class, but alas, I just tried to “wing it” and I didn’t really know what to do so it was abandoned pretty fast. :/ Glad you enjoyed the classes, they sound really fun!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      it’s not too late! The instructor is still giving her now 2-year-old massages (at first I typed 20-year-old, haha… funny typo :)). Massages are good at every age!


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