Movies for Mommies

Another really cool thing to do as a new mom – go see a new movie. The Cineplex movie theatres have showtimes for new moms: with a faint light on, the volume lowered, a changing table available right outside the auditorium, and a stroller parking.

In the theatre close to my home, at 1 pm every Wednesday they have a choice of two movies. They always are the new releases. Timothy and I watched Men in Black 3, Brave, What to Expect, etc.

I haven’t seen a movie for the past 3 or so months for various reasons; I plan to go again next time they have something interesting on (this week’s new releases weren’t too enticing). But when we used to go, Timothy usually slept through the first half of the movie, then ate, then watched with me.

A piece of advice: go for cartoons or action or anything that is not too dialogue-heavy. Sometimes there are too many babies crying all at once and you cannot hear anything and you might miss something important. Men in Black was perfect 🙂 They should have subtitles, really!

BTW, it’s 2 bucks cheaper for this mom-and-babe viewing (if you have an under-2-year-old with you). Which makes up for some of the missed dialogues 🙂

For more information on where the closest theatre that offers viweings for moms with babies, check out Stars and Strollers.

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