Why Do We Need so Many Pacifiers?!

We have 4 pacifiers. All constantly used. Daily.


No, not because he loses them – he has the clip thingy that attaches the pacifier to his clothes.

We need 4 cause he spits the pacifier out in the middle of the night, grabs it in his sweaty little fist and throws it out the crib’s rails. ALWAYS at the back end of a crib. BANG!

And then he starts crying, cause he wants his pacifier.

And then a zombie-like parent has to get up, sleep-walk into his bedroom, spread on the floor as flat as you can so that not only your arm, but even your shoulder can squeeze underneath the rail.

Only to realize the pacifier is still too far to reach and there’s no way to get there but a) move the crib or b) use some long object to get to it.

All in the middle of the night.

Fun times.

So now we keep a stash of pacifiers by his crib and instead of fishing for the discarded one, we get him a new pacifier. And here’s what we often get in the morning.

BTW, can you see there are FOUR pacifiers in this pic? There’s a transparent one between the blue ones? Whoever thought it clever to design a transparent paci, is… well, I don’t like name-calling. But finding a transparent paci is tough even if it’s not the middle of the night.

PS We don’t keep the clip thingy for the night, even though it seems like a good solution to prevent the behind-the-rail fall. The reason is that when he tosses and turns, the string catches onto something, pulling the paci out of his mouth. So he ends up without it much more often, and even if it doesn’t fall onto the floor, we are not interested in frequent wakings…

12 thoughts on “Why Do We Need so Many Pacifiers?!

  1. Jay Dee

    I’m not even sure where Tomoe’s pacifier is. She has two, but the first one is for much younger babies. She hasn’t even used her pacifier in a couple of months. She’s gotten by without it, but tends to chew on her toys while teething.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Timothy’s very attached to his paci (pun intended).
      We used to put him to bed without it, but caved in when he started teething. He doesn’t chew on anything – even biscuits. Well, he can gnaw and edge of a table or something stationary like that – but he doesn’t put stuff in his mouth. Kind of great for us (even on the beach he didn’t attempt to eat sand), but the paci is an absolute must!

      We also have pacifiers for younger babies, in addition to the four we use 🙂

      1. Jay Dee

        Tomoe’s not picky about what she chews on. She has teeth now, but chews on anything she can get her hands on. She also doesn’t stick with one thing for a long time. She’ll drop one thing and go on to the next. She used to sleep with her pacifier. It was one of the only things that would stop her from crying. But now, the only thing that stops her from crying in bed her bottle or complete exhaustion.

  2. babiesandus

    LOL that picture is so funny! When Kyra was still sleeping in our room she slept in the camping cot so when the pacifier went flying it could not go anywhere. Once she moved into her cot in her room I learned quickly after the first night!

  3. Shannon

    That picture was great! Natalie does the same thing, she will take her paci out of her mouth, bang it on the crib rails some then throw it out of the crib. Would be helpful if she threw it in the same spot at least! Thankfully at night, she can usually fall asleep without it again so I can search for it in the daylight. 🙂

    p.s. we bought the mesh bumper b/c she kept getting legs caught in the rails, but it doesn’t curb the paci throwing!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Timothy now sleeps in a sack, so the legs don’t get caught in the rails. He doesn’t stay under his blanket and since keeping the temperature in the house high enough to let him sleep uncovered is waaay too boiling for us – sleepsack was the only choice. Thankfully, he doesn’t mind. I know some babies hate those sacks.

  4. Valerie

    We thought Samuel was done with pacifiers just before his birthday because he fought against us with them for a while, but then he decided he does want one after all, so we let him. They don’t come out of the bedroom because they’re only for going to sleep, but we use one nightly. Lol at that photo. Samuel did the same thing!! We use MAM brand, so when it was time to buy the next size up, I bought glow-in-the-dark ones!! We only have two of them, but they’re rarely lost! 😉

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      We have a pacifier attached to his onesie. He doesn’t need it all day long, but on some days he does and I like to have it handy. I suppose since he doesn’t pull anything else into his mouth – like toys and stuff – that’s why he need it. Especially when he’s teething.

      1. Valerie

        Well, Samuel DOES put everything in his mouth! He has a few favorite teethers, and anything else lying around is fair game!!


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