Swimming with Babies

Today – another post on activities with babies!

As I mentioned earlier, even before Timothy was born, my hubby had decided that sport should be an important part of Timothy’s life.

So this fall he enrolled Timothy into a swimming program for babies. We found a salt-water pool in Toronto (not part of Parks and Recreation so we didn’t have to go through the cumbersome procedure to get the spot) and got a 12-class package. Once a week on Sundays. As far as I recall, it was about $140.

First time, I went with them: to make my hubby at ease and to take pics. And since then every Sunday I have a few hours to myself. Ahhhhh 🙂

Fun fact: there are no moms in this program. It’s all dads. Weird, eh?

A class lasts 30 minutes. They sing songs and paddle babies’ legs (“this is the way I kick my legs, I kick my legs, I kick my legs, this is the way I kick my legs in the swimming pool”).

They sing songs and pour water over their heads (“it’s raining, it’s pouring”). They sing songs and drag them around the pool on a piece of foam (“row, row, row your boat gently down the stream”).

They sing and drop babies off the side of the pool and under the water (“humpty-dumpty sat on a wall”).

And they sing and twirl and splash and do many other things.

Timothy loves it! Don’t look at the booger in his right nostril. I said DON’T look at it! 🙂

They have high chairs in both men’s and women’s changing rooms, where hubby can stick Timothy while changing himself. And they have wide tables where a few babies can be changed at the same time. Well thought through.

Timothy doesn’t need anything but one swimming diaper – and a clean diaper to wear after the class. They share the same towel with dad (the trick is to take the swimming diaper right away – or else the towel will get too soaked and my hubby couldn’t dry himself with it).

Hubby also takes some munchies for that BIG post-swimming appetite 🙂

Timothy always nods off on the way home in the car.

We still have a few classes ahead of us. Afterwards we’ll probably try and get into a swimming class program closer to home. If we manage to get through the parks and recreation barriers. We decided that salt water, while smells less, doesn’t justify the long drive.

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13 thoughts on “Swimming with Babies

  1. Valerie

    Oh my word – CUTE!! Look at them on the mat in the pool with toys! Isn’t it funny that it’s only daddies?! (I use far too many exclamation points, I think – hahaha)

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      My hubby thinks it’s because it’s too much work for mommies to go to the pool on a weekly basis – all the shaving/waxing!
      I think it’s because most new moms are not too eager to wear bikinis.
      Whatever the reason – it’s very cute to watch daddies sing all those songs to the babies 🙂

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      You should check it out – it seems to me an easy enough thing to implement… You just might have it! The problem with these programs is that they don’t have budgets to advertise so they’re hard to find.

  2. Dida Sundet

    Our baby swim class is all dads too. I think it’s a daddy time thing, they want to have bonding time as well. I enjoy a bit of time off though I am a bit jealous sometimes. You are lucky that you got to take photos! I really wanted to, but it’s not allowed. Society has gone overboard with where you can and can not photograph your kids, if you ask me. As long as it’s your kid in the shot, I see no harm in it.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      I know, it is getting ridiculous. In an open pool by our house – that one that is open in summer – they do not allow to take pictures. So here I asked whether I can take pictures and they looked perplexed by my asking. Like, why wouldn’t you be allowed???

  3. Emma g

    Your swimming experience (well Dad’s) sounds perfect it sounds just like a class we did in the US do you mind me asking what school you did?
    Btw our son and dad did swimming together too in michigan and that class was grandmothers and dads!! Go figure

  4. Sarah

    I realize this post is 2 years old, but what program was this? I’ve been looking for a class like this to go to with my daughter.

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      This was in an apartment complex close to Eglinton/Allen Road (North-West of it). But since then I’ve found out they run these programs through city of Toronto in all the public pools. So you can just drop by the one that is closest to you and inquire about it.


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