Mommy Meetup Groups

I am very thankful for mommy meetup groups. Whoever first thought of creating one was a genius!

There is this site,, where people go and create groups with common interests. It could be anything: finding a tennis buddy, building professional network, collecting snail shells (totally made this one up – but then who knows, maybe there is a meetup for that…)

And then there are mom meetup groups. There is one for the whole of Toronto and there are many smaller ones, attached to certain areas of the city.

Mine is awesome! I’m right in the middle of my “area”. We get together for playdates, inviting total strangers to our homes. It’s been great so far!

I blurred the faces on purpose. I am not sure people are interested in their photos being posted online 🙂

We take walks in the park together.

We gather in the evenings sans les bebes to talk about books or teach each other photography or just to have drinks.

And almost all the activities that I take part in – I find thanks to someone posting a notice about them on the group site! Early Years Centre? Found out about them from my mommy group. Movies with babies? Mommy connections? News of local parades and market days and library groups? All through there.

Even daycare and cleaning lady were found through a recommendation by someone in the group.

We also have a message board where we can ask each other questions – about child-rearing as well as any other things.

I met some really awesome people through this group. And it’s so much fun watching out little ones learning to interact with each other, watching them all grow together!

Since none of my friends live in the area and none of them were on matleave at the same time as me, were it not for the meetup group, these would have been very lonely 9 months.

Go find your local moms at! Or start your own new community 🙂

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