I am Causing Baby Boom!

Read an article recently (as part of research for the freelance project I am working on) that states that apparently we are experiencing a baby boom in Canada!

“The number of children in Canada aged four and under jumped 11 per cent between 2006 and 2011 — the highest rate of growth for that age group since the five years between 1956 and 1961, the trailing edge of the baby boom”

The explanation, basically, is that once upon a time there were baby boomers. And then the birth rate dropped dramatically. And then baby boomers grew up an had kids – and although they weren’t having five kids each, there were a lot of babies simply because there were a LOT of baby boomers. And then the birth rate dropped dramatically, again. And now baby boomers’ kids grew up and are having babies (baby boomers’ grandchildren) – so, again, the birth rate started to climb.

In fact, I did notice there were more pregnant women on the streets lately – even before I got preggo (I know pregnant women tend to notice other preggies a bit more :)) And the prenatal courses coordinator mentioned that they keep opening extra classes – so high the demand has become!

That’s exciting, I think. The birth rate is still below 2, but it’s growing. Go, Canada! I will help along 🙂



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