Back to Being His Sunny Self

During his first 6 months of life, Timothy was a darling. Calm, happy to just be and watch the world around, ready to smile at the sight of you.

Timothy is about 2 months old

Timothy is about 3 months old

Timothy is 3.5months old

And then somewhere after he turned 6 months, something changed. He was getting increasingly frustrated and unhappy. At first I ascribed this to jet lag (for we just had returned from our trip to Moscow), but then it continued. And continued. And continued. To the point that we started calling Timothy a badly oiled mechanism. He was constantly screeching in an unhappy manner.

I suspected he might be bored just sitting in the middle of the floor, his toys constantly rolling away from him – but even me sitting next to him and playing/entertaining didn’t do much to improve this situation.

This went on for over 2 months – and finally, for the past week or so, I started getting the glimpse of the good old Timothy. Happy, smiling, excitable. My little sunshine.

Timothy is 9 months

He is happy to occupy himself – he’s ecstatic when I play with him. He gives his dad a huge smile when he comes home. He laughs when I play picaboo with him.

Daddy’s come home! Yay!

I suppose, after all, he was frustrated with his immobility. So now that he is practicing his sitting up, lying down, standing up, crouching down, and even some under-developed form of crawling – he is happy. he is in control. He is on top of this world.

Timothy is 8.5 months – in the Dominican


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