Timothy’s Room – Curtains and Pictures

Continuing from the previous post about Timothy’s room.

We went back and forth for quite a while, trying to decide whether we want to repaint the walls (which were warm yellow-peachy colour), or if we want decals, or if we want to paint stuff on the walls ourselves, or what, exactly, we want to do.

In the end we decided that we will do murals when Timothy grows up a bit and tells us what he likes. Until then, we decided to go with decorations.

I really wanted to find some cute curtains. I looked through many online stores – there were tons of pink and princesses – but nothing nice for a boy other some boring blue curtains with ships from Pottery Bran. Oh, and tons of valances. Why valances and not curtains???

I wanted animals, bright colours, something interesting and fairly gender-neutral. I thought maybe I can sew the curtains if I find a fabric I like? I went through quite a few fabric stores – NOTHING. Boring, boring, boring – and then some uglies.

Finally, I went online and found fabric.com. Wow. Just WOW. They had SO MUCH STUFF. Inexpensive stuff. Even though delivery to Canada costs money. And once I realized that I need not limit my search to what they designated as “curtain fabrics” – my brain exploded! The ones they sell as quilting fabrics were the best, in my opinion.

Anyway, bought a few yards of this pretty print, along with some blackout fabric to make sure my baby doesn’t get wrong ideas during summer time when the sun goes up at five in the morning! 🙂

Now, I don’t know how to sew. Or rather I have no clue as to how to use a sewing machine. So I borrowed a sewing machine from my friend and then my sister did all the cutting and sewing – and voila!

The ikea furniture and the curtains work really nicely together, framing the window.

And then that gave me the idea to paint a few canvases with the characters from the curtains, to go along with the theme developing here. And here they are!

Timothy loves looking at them. I think he especially like the lion.

More posts on nursery decor to come!


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