Lots of Breakthroughs for Timothy!

This past week was a big one for Timothy. So many discoveries!

He learned to do the high-five. He goes to swimming classes with his daddy on Sunday, and the girls that leads the class worked really hard on getting Timothy to give her a high-five. And finally he did! At first it was really funny: I would raise the hand, say “high-five” and then watch as Timothy would look at the hand, then recognition would shine in his eyes, he would smile, and then – finally – raise his hand and give me the high-five. It was slow at first. Hilariously slow. But he’s getting better!

I took him to the office last week and all the girls wanted to get a high-five with him. Well, girls usually are attracted to Timothy, he has such magnetic aura 🙂

He even responded once with something that distinctly sounded like “huh-fuh”!

Timothy started crawling. It’s a very under-developed crawl – but he’s getting better at it, too. What he does is he places his sticky little hands on the floor and then pulls himself forward with his hands practically glued to the floor. We call him our little spiderman 🙂 At first he would only drag himself for a foot or so, laying his head on the floor in defeat if his toy rolled away too far (soooo funny), but now? Yesterday he crawled all the way to the breakfast area from the living room – and that’s a few yards!!!

Timothy started saying “papa”. Now, we aren’t sure whether that’s got to do anything with his daddy (just like we still aren’t sure whether he knows what he says when he says “mama” – but still… it’s a new “word” 🙂

Timothy started showing noses! Give him a toy, ask where the nose is – and he points at it! the funny thing is that he does that only with toys. You go ask him to show daddy’s nose and he just stares at you blankly. Um, daddy has a nose, too?

Timothy is very busy standing up, crouching down, bending over. He can spend 15 minutes doing that, leaning against his plastic music table. Pick up a bucket, drop the bucket, bend over, pick it up, straighten up, drop the bucket, bend over… Or he cruises around the room, using the table as an old person’s walker. Hysterical.

He is busy in his crib, turning the mobile on, standing up, crawling around.

Timothy figured out that the buckets are stackable. He obliges when I ask him to place one bucket inside the other. On his own he sometimes can’t figure out which bucket is smaller. Or he might place a small bucket in a big one and then try and place a medium-sized bucket inside – and of course the previously placed small bucket won’t allow that. Our little engineer 🙂

And the best thing is how cheerful Timothy lately is – all smiles and giggles.

It’s fantastic.

This and the occasional sleeping through the night, forgoing the 5:30 am nursing 🙂


9 thoughts on “Lots of Breakthroughs for Timothy!

  1. Yin Yang Yoga Loft

    Какой молодец! Представляю как интересно смотреть как каждый день ребенок обнаруживает что-то новое вокруг!

  2. Jay Dee

    That’s a lot of milestones at once! My wife is worried about Tomoe, as she hasn’t yet learned how to wave “bye-bye” yet. She can do “high 5,” though! But unlike Timothy, she does it repeatedly. If I say “high 5,” she raises her hand and hits my hand multiple times.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      I don’t think there is any reason to worry, all babies develop differently. Timothy doesn’t wave either. In fact, I don’t know any baby in our baby group that waves!

        1. newtorontomom Post author

          When I read the milestones for each age list, there always are things that he still isn’t doing – and things that he’s a few months ahead of the game. It’s all normal 🙂
          Just like later she might excel at math and lag a bit in, say, basketball 🙂


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