Timothy’s Room – Glider

Continuing with my posts about the nursery.

I probably should have started talking about the nursery from this post – chronologically, this was the first piece that sort of set the tone for everything else.

We got a glider from our friends for free. It was awesomely comfy, but rather old and ugly from being in use for 10 years.

So I got this idea to re-upholster it. On my own. While already sporting a 7-month pregnant belly.

Again, the biggest problem was finding a cute fabric. This was before I discovered fabric.com (about which I shared in my previous post), so I ended up buying two sets of receiving blankets and using them for the grand remake!

I am very happy with the results, even if I realized a bit too late that flannel isn’t exactly the perfect choice for upholstering (not durable).

And this glider – the greens of it, the frogs – is what set the whole room’s theme! With green furniture and animal curtains šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Timothy’s Room – Glider

  1. BleedingTulip

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you re-upholstered a rocking chair! I can’t imagine re-upholstering anything, let alone a glider! Super cute. It’s funny how themes unfold like that šŸ™‚


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