Timothy’s Room – Decor

Another post about the nursery.

Once we got the green theme going, the rest became rather obvious.

We got a green frog humidifier:

A green frog night light:

A yellow sun for the upper light:

A green laundry bin with a monkey (light-green):

And a green changer (I love, love, LOVE this item! So much better than the conventional changers – especially due to the fact that Timothy can’t push his head against the wall! And so easy to clean)

And, well, somehow even a lot of toys are green – despite the fact that we didn’t buy these!

Music snail (so in theme with the glider!)

I love how the room turned out.

8 thoughts on “Timothy’s Room – Decor

  1. Dida Sundet

    I’ve been meaning to do a post on Anakin’s room too! It’s a bit of a work in progress still. I love Timothy’s room! Good work on that chair, it looks so comfortable! We stuck a sofa in Anakin’s room, but it hasn’t been the easiest to sit in and feed in, but we’ve made it work. Also, love the frog humidifier. Adorable!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      There’s actually a double bed on the other side of the room that I didn’t take a pic of. I slept there for the first three months of Timothy’s life – and then I left for he was sleeping through the night with only one nursing, so I saw no point staying there any longer… But the bed is still there! I want to get rid of it, but hubby says it’s good to have for when we have overnight guests…


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