Little Clutch – NOT!

Sometimes you don’t know just how good you have it.

The other day we were at a playdate where I encountered some very strong clutching fists. They were clutching onto Timothy’s sweater at first, and then onto my hair. And they were nearly impossible to un-clutch!

I never had this problem with Timothy. If he pulls my hair, a lightly tap on his fist and he lets go, no fuss. I can wear earrings (Timothy has zero interest in them) and necklaces (Timothy might grab – but lets go easily).



14 thoughts on “Little Clutch – NOT!

  1. Anna

    One day, I came in a phone cabin with a baby in arms. Coming out of the phone cabin man with long and curly hair. The man is stuck. Why? I tried to return the battle trophy)

  2. Valerie

    It’s funny what interests some babies/toddlers and not others. My older boy, Joshua would wear a hat 24/7 but Samuel will not even for a second!! He snatches it off! He leaves my earrings alone, though. Joshua would tug on my hair, and Sam doesn’t. Who knows why they do what they do!!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      I have a theory about hats. I think if babies start consistently wearing hats when they are too young to even know they don’t like it – they’ll not mind later, either. So Timothy started wearing a panama hat when he was about 4 months old – and he doesn’t mind it at all. Kids that were a bit older by the time summer came – hate the hats!

            1. BleedingTulip

              We plan to start our kiddo in hats from a super early age for this very reason! (Plus, I think hats on babies are ADORABLE, so she will have quite the collection of hats for every season 🙂 )

  3. theonethatlovesyou

    Fernando has a strong clutch and fists 🙂 He punches DH badly and pulls his hair (he also has a long hair) with me he is a little bit more gentle but still pulls my hair, need to have my hair tide up in a ponytail. Also he pinches and squeezes very hard, my arms are full of small bruises…a little Herkules baby lol.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Timothy does pull my hair, too – he just doesn’t clutch to it. He lets go easily. And anyway he doesn’t pull it intentionally.
      Timothy used to pinch my upper arms while nursing – OUCH! Thankfully, he stopped…

  4. BleedingTulip

    It is interesting, what parents get used to as “normal” for them, with their kids, and then when exposed to different kids, there is always the wondering of nature/nurture…. How much is how we’ve reacted to things, or allowed some things, or encouraged other things, and how much is just their own personality? It’s a fascinating mystery 🙂


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