Self-Feeding, Finally!

He’s finally doing it – feeding himself!

I already mentioned before: Timothy doesn’t put ANYTHING in his mouth, including food. He might gnaw on furniture, but no eating of toys, garbage, or – food. I tried cheerios, I tried baby cookies, he resisted it adamantly.

Finally, yesterday I gave him a mum-mum rice rusk – and he ate it!! It wasn’t the smoothest experience. He scratched himself once, I think, with the edge of a broken rusk. His coordination isn’t proficient enough to navigate a long rusk into his own mouth, so I break it in pieces. But he is eating! Yay!




Although when I gave him banana today, he took it, studied it, and then stretched his hand out and gave it back to me. I tried giving it to him a couple more times – every time he gave it back to me (I am glad he didn’t just throw it on the floor :))


PS He also became proficient at stuffing his own pacifier into his mouth. Sometimes it goes in upside-down, but still! At least it goes with the rubbery part in 🙂

5 thoughts on “Self-Feeding, Finally!

  1. Valerie

    Yay, Timothy!! Lol that he was handing it back to you! Samuel’s favorite thing to do (once he’s done eating) is feed his big brother the leftovers! Joshua will crouch down next to his seat and open his mouth, if it’s appetizing, that is! Samuel smiles huge and starts putting pieces in his mouth. 😀 Usually it’s rice cereal or something else non-gross! 😉

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      So I read this and decided to let Timothy feed me some cheerios. He loved it, he was laughing! I had to practically chew it out of his hand once he out the sticky fingers clutching the cheerio inside my mouth, though 🙂
      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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