Going to Museums with Baby

Continuing with my ‘activities with babies‘ series where I already talked about things like baby sign language and swimming with babies. Go and read if you missed them!

Now, just ’cause you have a baby, doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere! And while movie theatres offer special screenings for moms with babies, you can go to a museum any time you like (during its opening hours, of course!) Bonus – there are far less people there on a week day.

First Timothy’s museum visit was to the Art Gallery of Ontario. My MIL came for a visit and as we were cruising around the Group of Seven halls, I decided to take the (then) four-month-old Timothy out of his stroller. Oh my, he LOVED it! He couldn’t get enough of art! He was staring at all the pictures, smiling and babbling. And the echoing architecture of the museum made sure everyone heard what Timothy had to say about the Group’s art 🙂 People around us were smiling, saying it’s never too early to start!

Timothy and grandma having a coffee break at the AGO (the Art Gallery of Ontario):



And then my sister came for a visit and we went to check out the Montgomery’s Inn museum; Timothy was 5 months at the time and, again, he loved the experience – and the art in the tea room especially (thanks to my friend working there)!



And then when Timothy was 8 months old, my friend had some vacation days to use, so we had a museum-and-lunch-and-shopping day. In alignment with the shopping experience, we chose the Bata Shoe Museum.


If I remember things correctly, Timothy was less impressed with that museum. I guess he prefers art on the walls. Or maybe he just has zero interest in shoes. Men, you know. Or maybe it’s just the fact that he was generally not a happy baby during that period of time, bored out of his wits with his lack of mobility. Now that he somewhat crawls and stands up all day long – he’s a happy baby, again 🙂

Now that winter is setting in, I think we might visit a few more museums instead of going for walks!

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