Timothy is 10 Months – and BUSY!

Happy “Birthday” Timothy! Ten months – wow, time does fly. It’s crazy. You’re sitting up on your own, pulling up on sofas and tables and crib rails, feeding yourself, nesting buckets, clapping, waving (you spent the whole stroll yesterday, royally waving at passersby), babbling, laughing infectiously when I play picaboo with you, jumping, crouching, leaning – and even standing on your own for a few seconds at a time! Your weird spiderman crawl looks more and more like a real one, on all fours. You point at toys’ noses – but on me you often confuse nose and mouth (should I be worried about my appearance??). You learned to high-five. And, unfortunately, you figured out spitting on the floor from high chair.

Lots is going on with Timothy!

It’s funny how short Timothy’s attention span is. Well, not always; sometimes he can spend full 5 minutes doing one thing (his favourites – nesting buckets or pressing buttons on his music table). But often I would watch him roam the floor, grabbing toy after toy after toy… No wonder he had been so unhappy before he figured out how to crawl!

What have we got here? gears?


Oh, a book!


I spy with my little eye… something with wheels!!!


Ahhh, another book! Those are my favourite ones, with flaps I can open!


Am I missing something behind my back?


A TV remote! Well, sorta…


Hmmm, what else have we got here?


What’s that? A TV on the floor? Look at all these holes and knobs and buttons!


Uh-oh. I think I got stuck!


Oh, whatever. I give up.


🙂 Happy Birthday, Timothy! I am looking forward to your next milestones!


6 thoughts on “Timothy is 10 Months – and BUSY!

  1. Mrs FF

    Oh my 10 months already!!! The pictures are so funny and the last 2 are so hilarious and he really did look like he was giving up after a very hectic session of play “work”


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