Will His Room Be Impeccable in Teenage Years?..

I am proud. When Timothy got his set of stackable buckets 3.5 months ago, the box said 12+ months. Timothy wasn’t even 7 months at the time.

Well, he still isn’t 12 months – he just turned 10 – but he loves, loves, LOVES his buckets and he became quite adept at nesting them one inside the other. He can spend quite some time placing them one inside the other, removing one, adding another, then another on top, then – oh, doesn’t fit! – then removing again, trying another one… Very cool!


And the other night as I was putting all the toys away at the end of the day, I found this:


You’re not sure why I am showing you an upturned car? Look at the wheel:


Yep, Timothy collected some toys there.

Mmmmm… should I hope he’s gonna be the type to collect and put all his toys away on his own? And clean his room? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Will His Room Be Impeccable in Teenage Years?..

  1. wedelmom

    I’m going to guess “no” on the teenage room part but I encourage you to hold out hope. You never know.
    What a darling little boy you have. Glad I found your blog!

      1. wedelmom

        If he’s anything like most teenagers he’ll be a mess. Fear not – my 21 year old is now starting to figure it out. It only took him moving into his own apartment…. 🙂


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