Interactive, Responsive, So Cool!

Timothy is getting more aware, more interactive, more understanding. It blows me away. How that unresponsive tiny baby that could spend his whole days staring at his hands turned into this Timothy?

Today I was eating cereal and he crawled and pointed at the bowl! That was the first time he clearly indicated he wanted something.

Yesterday hubby came home and they sat together in front of TV, watching baby Einstein, for a short little while. Watching Timothy cuddle with his dad almost made me cry. He’s not just sitting or lying in his lap. He actually is cuddling, sharing the experience of watching TV together.

And today Timothy was crawling – properly crawling. On all fours. No more dragging his body with his sticky palms.

And how well he can stand! Yesterday he pushed his musical table to where I was sitting and practiced free-standing for 10 minutes, releasing his hands, basking in my praise.


We spend time passing objects back and forth. Timothy gives mommy a ball? Why thank you Timothy! Here, take the ball! Oh, you are giving it back to me? Good job sharing!

Again, he smiles proudly.

And I smile proudly.

He’s getting so big…



12 thoughts on “Interactive, Responsive, So Cool!

  1. Valerie

    Awww, those are such awesome milestones!! 😀 Yay for crawling!
    Samuel loves Baby Einstein. Have you been to YouTube and looked at any? There are a ton (it makes it nice to see which ones he might like). Sam really likes Baby Noah and Neighborhood Animals (he ADORES animals!)

      1. Valerie

        Wow!! So you are teaching him Russian and English then? Any other languages? I love Baby Wordsworth and Shakespeare. 😀

  2. St. Elsewhere

    Hasn’t life become more fun now?

    I really enjoy my time with Figlia more now than ever before. She points at things, and verbalizes what she wants, and it is so awesome to see examples of their developing skills every day!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Yes, it is very cool. Timothy doesn’t verbalize anything yet (well, not in a way I can understand, anyway :)) – but he is so much more fun! It’s more demanding: it’s harder for me now to check email or cook ’cause he now sees and understands that I am (gasp!) not focused on him every minute of the day, but I think it’s good for him?

      Anyway, now I have to resort to baby einstein to get some cooking done…

      1. St. Elsewhere

        Oh it is good for him. By the way, you will find that he repeats certain sounds again and again in some situations…I have found sequences that in general reflect Figlia’s excitement at something, or if she wants that thing…


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