Timothy woke up with a 38.1 fever. Went up to 38.5 and then peaked at 38.8. No other symptoms, which I know now means I should just monitor his condition. No need to go see a doctor unless the fever is over 39.3 degrees – or unless there are some other bad symptoms. Timothy was fine other than the fever.

We spent the whole day on the couch watching TV. Timothy was pretty miserable. Couldn’t nap, couldn’t play, couldn’t do anything. Poor baby.

Then his fever went down to 38.1 – which is when I decided it was safe to give him advil.

Now – with advil’s help – he’s laughing, crawling, pulling up – and just being his happy self. Hopefully he will get a good night’s sleep, too – with advil’s help, just in case.



13 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Valerie

    Aww, poor guy. I’m not sure of the conversion from C to F, but Samuel just got over having a virus called Roseola that lasted 3 days and on the 4th day a rash showed up. Not a terrible virus, but the fevers sure made him feel terrible! I had taken him to the doctor just to rule out ear infection (his temp was 103.5 F at the time) but he was all clear. The thing with Roseola is you can only diagnose it in rettrospect after the rash makes an appearance and the fever is gone.
    Sorry, I know I wrote a novel, but many parents don’t know about this one so I thought I’d tell you just in case the fever continues. Of course a fever can also be the sign of other things…ah, motherhood… 😉 Hope he feels better!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Timothy is fine today, no fever 🙂

      He’s had these one-day fevers before, that’s why I decided not to get worried ahead of the time. I know that if fever lasts for longer than a day or two, it might be something more serious. As it is – this was a one-day virus 🙂

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      I have to confess this pic was taken about a month earlier, but other than length of Timothy’s hair, he looked pretty much the same when sick. Only most of the day he spent on the couch with me, not on the floor (floor time was only for my bathroom/meal breaks).


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