End of The World Canceled. Or Postponed

I guess we dodged yet another end of the world. Although some say that the Mayan calendar cannot be aligned with the Western one exactly – so there could be a couple of days in discrepancy – meaning the world might still end tomorrow!

I read in the paper about people flocking to Mexico – apparently hoping to be spared whatever fate Mayans had predicted.

I also read that Mayans (and Mexicans) insist that the end of the calendar doesn’t mean world’s end. Quite the opposite: it means we should expect a new, brighter era. Worldwide peace, as they say in beauty pageants? I rather like the notion 🙂

Ahhh, Mexico… We once went to see the pyramids in Coba – since they still allow tourists to climb the stairs.

Coba pyramid in Mexico

We started our ascent and 2/3 up the pyramid I decided to turn around and enjoy the view… only to get glued to the steps, my hands and even feet sweating, and not from the heat. I never knew I am afraid of height! Look at this, isn’t it crazy?

The smile is all pretense, of course.

How did those short Mayans climb the stairs – I don’t know! Maybe they cut the heads off at the top out of mercy so that people won’t have to go down…

Anyway… Happy New Era, everyone 🙂


One thought on “End of The World Canceled. Or Postponed

  1. Mrs FF

    I like the new era of good things notion too, better than end of the world prediction 🙂

    OMW, those pictures are heart wrenching, not sure I would have had the guts to climb – too too scary. I am sure I would suddenly become scared of heights, if I looked back and saw that too 🙂 😉


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