Happy Holidays?

I feel that this whole political correctness is getting ridiculous. Christmas trees being banned? Saying “Merry Christmas” being banned?

Hey, just because it’s not everybody’s holiday, doesn’t mean it should be nobody’s. That it should be forbidden.

I mean, what’s next? Birthdays will be forbidden, too – because your celebrations might offend those who were born on the other 364 days?..



4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays?

  1. Mrs FF

    I actually wrote about this today, seriously it’s ridiculous, and I just think christmas and political correctness don’t go together. Happy holidays (assuming you are on holiday, which I am not, maybe I should also revolt about people saying happy holidays to me when I’m not on holiday LOL) but either way I’ll celebrate Christmas and the appropriate greeting is more apt: Merry Christmas and a Happy new year phew, sounds so much better 😉 🙂

    Ps: I hope birthdays are not banned soon!!! And the Chinese and Orthodox Christians and Moslems don’t revolt as ask for fairness seeing that their New Year doesn’t start on 1 Jan 🙂 🙂

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Yes – your post reminded me that I was going to write about it… Ridiculous! Especially if you really think about it… most people celebrate a family get together, a santa claus, a tree – nothing of which has anything to do with the birth of Jesus. It’s all pagan traditions!

    2. BleedingTulip

      It’s so true. I often say “Happy Holidays” at work just because we may not see clients for months, so I’m trying to encompass Thanksgivibg/Christmas/New Years. And even though I (as an Orthodox Christian) have different days that we recognize New Years or that we celebrate Pascha instead I “Easter”… I don’t get upset if someone says “Happy Easter” to me lol! People are just trying to be warm and friendly, offer a friendly greeting, why can’t people see that?

      1. newtorontomom Post author

        Yes, I agree. When someone wishes me something good on a holiday I personally do not celebrate (like Jewish New Year), I feel blessed. But then I am not religious – so what do I know? Perhaps religious people see this as blasphemy or something…


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