Along with my local mom group, I decided to take on a 365 project – in photographs. Let’s see how long I am going to last… I won’t be posting a photo a day, although I will be taking a photo a day. I will be posting them in clusters.

001. Jan. 1


It’s amazing how fast you can crawl now and how much energy you have! Look at you go. You used to drop dead at your bedtime. Now? Well, let’s just say that it’s 1.5 hours past your bedtime in this pic and you are so excited exploring the vastness of the Newark airport. And then you spent your 1.5 hour flight jumping, pressing buttons on the touchscreen, unfolding the table and making faces at your dad sitting behind us. You crashed in our car on the way home from the airport – at 11:30 pm…

002. Jan. 2


You survived the whole 10 days in Princeton without your precious set of buckets. We improvised. We found some other toys that resembled the nesting of the buckets. But it wasn’t quite the same, was it? Your first morning home, I brought you downstairs to the living room, your pj’s still on (lazy post-new years me) – and the first thing you saw were your buckets sitting on the TV stand. Oh the joy of getting your buckets back!

003. Jan. 3


After 10 days away, there’s just waaay too much to be done around the house. Laundry – a few loads. Lots of cooking. Miscellaneous objects that migrated from suitcases to the counter to be sorted. Busy day for mama. Lots of independent play for Timothy – and some Baby Einstein videos to top it off…

004. Jan. 4


It’s been a while since I took you to the Early Years program due to your naptime. Today, however, you let me sleep in until 9:30 am. Not sure when you woke up – when I entered your room, you were playing quietly in your crib, having turned your mobile on. So you were in good shape for the morning class. It was your first time there as a crawler – and you loved every second of it. Clapping hands, laughing out loud, crawling here and there, playing with new toys, falling into a big pillow of a turtle… And – in this picture – losing your balance from it all. In a second you started crying. Not in a pained way – in an offended way. Am I not too grown-up to drop like that? Sooo humiliating…


4 thoughts on “001-004

  1. Mrs FF

    365 Project , hmmm you are brave! As much as I take pictures almost everyday, I think I’ll be too overwhelmed! A 30 day challenge I can handle.

    Timothy is so biiiiiig now, to think that he’ll be one soon! And lucky you to have such a thoughtful baby – letting his mama sleep in while he plays 🙂

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Indeed, he’s awesome. But as much as I like sleeping in, I am planning to put a stop to it next week. I have to start preparing Timothy for daycare, trabsferring him to the new schedule. Early wakeup time, early walk, one nap a day, etc. They say the transition will be easier for him that way.

  2. Dida Sundet

    A 365 project is such a good way to make sure you document what’s going in, especially how fast Timothy is growing up! I love doing my 365 project and I’m pretty stoked I’ve only missed one day so far when I was really sick (though I am a few weeks behind in editing still). Good luck! I look forward to seeing more of your photos.


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