No More Sleeping in…

Just as Timothy figured out how to let me sleep in (I often sleep until 8-9 am these days, even 9:30 sometimes) – I will have to put an end to this.

Timothy will be starting daycare in (gasp!) less than 4 weeks and it’s best if I start transitioning him to the new schedule now. Meal times, nap time, stroll time – and, unfortunately, wakeup time. I am not looking forward to it.

I wonder how long does it take to get him – and all of us – washed, fed, and ready to go? What should be the sequence of it all – I get up, shower, then wake him up, then breakfast, then getting clothed and out the door (daddy will be dropping him off)?

Oh, one more reason to start figuring it out now, while it’s still stress-free and I am not running late for work.

I think we are going to start on Monday.



6 thoughts on “No More Sleeping in…

  1. Steph

    Hi Tanya! I suggest getting up first, showering and getting completely ready if at all possible. Then get Timothy up, change him into his clothes for the day, and then bring him down to breakfast. That way everything is done and you’re not rushing upstairs after breakfast to get him changed etc. I’ve been doing this for a year now and it’s working quite well. When I have to take a shower (it’s every other day now with 2 kidlets!) I get up at 6:30 or so to jump in and then I’m done by the time my son gets up. Good luck!!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Thanks Steph – sounds reasonable! Will try that.

      I have moved his lunch and naptime to match the daycare’s schedule for the past 2 days, but we still sleep in in the mornings. I am dreading to change it :/

  2. babiesandus

    Goodluck with finding the order of events which will work for you guys in the mornings. Very wise to start getting into it now before you have to start working!

    Might also be a good idea to start putting him down a little earlier in the evenings so he still get all the sleep he needs.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      He already goes down at 7 pm… earlier than that won’t work once he starts daycare, anyway. He’ll have to learn to have longer naps – right now we’re having one nap at 1-1.5 hours – that should be longer!

  3. Nisha T.

    That’s actually a really good idea to start now and get a routine down. I know for us, that’s the only thing that works. And i will say, don’t worry too much–it isn’t as hard as it seems. You will get the hang of it in no time.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Thank you Nisha – that was actually the daycare’s suggestion, getting onto the new schedule early. They even go as far as suggesting getting out of the house at the “usual” time. It being winter, though, I am not sure I am quite ready for the challenge…


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