Continuing with my 365 project, here are the next 4 pics. I am deeply dissatisfied with them: on one occasion, I left my camera at home; on the other, while I did take the camera with me – it turned out that I left both memory cards at home! Grrrr.

005. Jan. 5

Timothy is crawling faster and faster. And remember how I once said that he would not put anything but his fist and his pacifier in his mouth? Well, no more. I am glad, of course, that he started feeding himself – but he doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a peeled and unpeeled banana which he found in the basket in our kitchen (I’ll have to find a new place for the fruit and veggies basket!)


006. Jan. 6


Not only does he crawl everywhere – he pulls up and stands everywhere. Not being truly accustomed to it, I guess I left my plate too close to the edge of the dining table. BOOM! Gladly, it didn’t break into a squillion little pieces, but a we had to throw away the plate. Sad. We love these plates and I don’t know where else to find such wonderful colour!

007. Jan. 7


Timothy turned 11 months and we went, for the first time, to the local drop-in centre. I didn’t quite see the point of going there while Timothy didn’t crawl – but now he loved it. He explored the room, laughed, smiled, babbled, participated in a circle singing and clapping… He had a blast! My intent is to go there as much as possible this month, to better prepare Timothy for daycare. This pic sucks – I didn’t have the camera with me and anyway had the presence of mind to photograph him only when we were already leaving (hence Timothy is all bundled up). But still – it’s a memory!

008. Jan. 8


Timothy is learning to drink on his own! He still doesn’t quite understand that he needs to angle the sippy cup just so in order to actually get the water, but he grabs it and stuffs it into his mouth quite proficiently. And his pincher grasp is improving all the time 🙂


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