Quickly Developing Mind

Timothy watched as hubby and I hugged good-bye in the morning and, as I stepped aside, started waving at him. As hard as it is to believe that Timothy knows that daddy is leaving, it is not impossible.

When asked “where’s daddy?”, Timothy points at hubby right away. When asked “where’s mommy?” he waves his index finger all over the room, pointing here and there, hoping to guess. He rarely does. He has no idea who is mommy. I guess that’s because every evening he hears “daddy! daddy’s home!” and sees daddy. And he sees me all day long and no one tells him who I am…

If I crouch and stretch out my arms and call for Timothy, he comes crawling, huffing and puffing excitedly.

If I say and sign “let’s go eat”, he spits out the pacifier immediately.

When he sees his toothbrush, he opens up his mouth.

It’s amazing how much he understands…




12 thoughts on “Quickly Developing Mind

  1. Sam

    And as he gets closer to one and beyond it’s going to blow your mind more and more as to how clever he is and how much he knows without you even realising it!

    Enjoy seeing him flourish – it’s such simple joy!


  2. Khousha

    Думаю, что ребёнок в этом возрасте полностью отождествляет себя с матерью, особенно, если практически исключительно проводит время с ней (читала где-то, когда Фейгуха всё никак не говорила “мама”, а я переживала по этому поводу – всё папа да папа). Отделение себя от матери в первый раз происходит на втором году жизни. И таки да, первый раз я услышала от неё “мама” около 2 лет.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Говорить-то Тима говорит мама, особенно если просыпается и плачет. Но как-то это со мной не очень у него ассоциируется 🙂


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