Drop-in Centres

So if you can’t get enough of my “what activities to do with a baby” posts 🙂 here’s another one for you: drop-in centres!

Drop-in centres are free indoor playrooms, usually located in community centres, where children play supervised by their parents. It’s sort of like daycare/kindergarten, too – only parents remain with their kids. There are lots of toys, books, craft supplies… they even provide snack, all for free.


It’s an awesome option for moms staying at home with their kids – moms get a chance to talk to other adults and babies/kids get a chance to be around other little ones and play, sing, dance, read. It’s a lifesaver when the weather is bad and you have the cabin fever.

Timothy and I started going to the nearby drop-in fairly recently: I thought there was no point going there until Timothy started to crawl. In retrospect, I think I was wrong.

It’s not exactly like an indoor playground (with kids running around wildly) – there are structured activities, too: reading, dress-up – and circle time! Circle time is all about singing, like the early years baby centres. Singing is good for babies and toddlers.


Of course, it’s more fun for a crawling baby – but there are toys for smallish babies AND there’s circle time and books.

I now go there as often as possible – it’s hectic there – which why I think it’s a good way to prepare Timothy for daycare.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a good source for drop-ins; the best way to find one is through your local community centre or library.

Ours is open 4 days a week, including Saturday! You can send daddy-and-baby there and have some time to relax 🙂

Happy playing!

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