Indoor Playgrounds

And while I am on the subject of cabin fever and bad/cold weather, another great option for getting out of the house with a baby/toddler – is an indoor playground!

Those are available everywhere. Unlike drop-ins, they aren’t free – but the fee is manageable, usually around $5-10 bucks.

Now that Timothy is crawling everywhere, we decided to pay visit to our local indoor playground.

It’s a relatively small-sized room with a couple of real-size slides, a bouncy castle, a climbing wall, an infant area with infant toys and an exersaucer, and a food area complete with microwave, kettle, and coffee – for moms 🙂



It was FUN! Timothy wasn’t so sure about the slide. He went all rigid… I think he was scared. But he absolutely loved the bouncy castle – which we tried once all the older kids left!




And he loved being around other babies.


And he loved all that space available for crawling around!


I think we will be going there regularly for the years to come!

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3 thoughts on “Indoor Playgrounds

  1. Jay Dee

    We go to one like this all the time. In fact, we’ll be going there for Tomoe’s birthday next week. Should be fun! It’ll be great because this is the first time she’ll be there since she started walking. I can’t wait to see where she walks.

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      After some considerations on what to do for Timothy’s birthday, we decided to spend a Timothy-focused day: go to the indoor playground (all three of us), play, eat something fun… No guests – just stuff that makes Timothy happy 🙂


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