We were busy these past four days – lots of firsts!

013 – Jan. 13


A set of cubes was his Christmas present from his aunt. Two weeks later he figured out how to stack them – and I didn’t spend all that much time showing him how!

014 – Jan. 14


I am weaning him off of nighttime nursing. It’s part of the whole ready-for-daycare transition. He needs to have one nap a day, he needs to get up earlier (no more sleeping in until 8:30-9:00… *sigh*) – and to have restful sleep, both of us need to sleep all the way through the night. At 11 months he definitely doesn’t need this nursing session. He wants cuddling, not milk. And as much I actually came to like this nighttime cuddling, this needs to stop in order for both of us to be able to get up at 7 am.

Boy, were the first two nights hard… this picture was taken during his nap after the worst night EVER – he woke up every 2 hours, all night long. I prayed for a longer nap, exhausted.

The following night he slept all the way till 7 am. Today (2 days after this nap) he woke up at the usual 5 am for the nursing, but went back to sleep with the pacifier. I think soon this nursing session will be a thing in the past. I feel sad.

But the morning and evening ones remain.

015 – Jan. 15


Picaboo! Timothy learned to play picaboo. He hasn’t mastered the covering of his eyes yet – but he totally gets the concept. I say: “Timothy, picaboo!” – and he covers his eyes and then uncovers them, to my cheering, smiling proudly. He even went as far as covering my eyes, too – all in one day! Only yesterday he had no clue how to play picaboo…

016 – Jan. 16


After MONTHS of nesting the buckets, Timothy all of a sudden figured out how to stack them! Yay! And he spent about 20 minutes mastering the skill, clapping and smiling proudly. And thoroughly enjoying the pyramid-destruction part 🙂

The most awesome thing about it is that the packaging for the buckets said 12+ months. Timothy isn’t 12 months yet – but he figured out how they work. I am one proud momma 🙂


11 thoughts on “013-016

  1. Jay Dee

    Great job, Timothy! Tomoe hasn’t figured out how to stack anything, and she’ll be a year old next week. We just got her some blocks, so we’ll see how she does. She’d rather throw them than anything.

    We still have nighttime feedings when she wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. It’s not every night, thankfully.

    We’ve got waving, kissing, rubbing noses, and bouncing on cue all down, but still no clapping. At least her walking is much better now.

    It’s fun seeing these new skills at this age!

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      Timothy will be a year old in three weeks – no walking! They all develop at their own pace, I am sure Tomoe will figure out clapping in no time 🙂

      Timothy also started throwing stuff. Having read about your experience with ball throwing, we only roll the ball – but he learned how to throw things anyway 🙂

      1. Jay Dee

        Yeah, I’m not worried at all. I have a friend with a 15 month old daughter who just got her first tooth. But she can also use a spoon herself.

        Tomoe seems to enjoy dropping things from her bed. The floor around her bed is always covered with toys 🙂

  2. St. Elsewhere

    My daughter too thoroughly enjoys peek-a-boo!

    I am glad he is figuring stuff out with the toys. The age mentioned is just a general guideline. The age is also mentioned to indicate that the parts can be dangerous for kids below that age – no such issue with stacking cubes though.

    My daughter enjoys dumping her toys. And then wants them to be picked up so that they can be dumped again. She loves balls, and I have bought stacking rings for her, but never gave them to her (one of her first birthday presents that she refuses to unpack/pull apart).

    1. newtorontomom Post author

      We are planning to get a more complex stacking toy for Timothy’s birthday – he loves stacking…

      Timothy also started dumping stuff, but thankfully not too much! 🙂

      1. St. Elsewhere

        Oh hi, just wanted to let you know that I finally unpacked her stacking rings for her. She is not stacking them, but she is fascinated with them…she dragged the rings in each of her hand for all her playtime yesterday forenoon!

        1. newtorontomom Post author

          Go Figlia!!!
          Stacking rings is much more advanced – you have to coordinate the ring centers with the pole!
          Timothy also loves crawling around with buckets in his hands 🙂


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