If you see me and wonder…

If you see me comment on your blog and wonder who “Tanya” is – that’s me. Newtorontomom 🙂

6 thoughts on “If you see me and wonder…

    1. Tanya Post author

      Nice to eh… “meet” you 🙂
      Beautiful name – my mom’s name is Natasha, too!
      When I was little, I wanted to be Natasha. I even called my favourite barbie Natasha 🙂

  1. St. Elsewhere

    Hi Tanya! Nice name!

    Regarding your comment on my blog: Figlia began talking very early on….there was a tone to her babble…if you go to first few posts of mine (early 2012), I have uploaded a video of her babble.

    Figlia’s diarrhoea trouble was because of her teething. The truth is I would have been happy with two teeth myself, if it could have prevented the December events.

    My niece had just one tooth on her first birthday.

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      Thanks (on the name) 🙂
      Oh, I remember the video! I didn’t realize you referred to this kind of talking. Well, regardless – Timothy doesn’t “talk” a lot, whether recognizable as human speech or not 🙂

      My niece also had her first tooth break through when she was 11 months!

      Hope Figlia doesn’t have such bad teething incidents ever again!

      1. St. Elsewhere

        Figlia was always the babbler, but she now has some words that she repeats over and over again, and there are certain consonants as well. She will randomly repeat a word in-toto from what we say, even if she still does not understand what it means, or what the context is.


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