021 – Jan. 21


We went to a scavenger hunt in a nearby mall, organized by one of the moms in my meetup group. It was fun – we all ran around in pairs, with strollers, solving puzzles and taking pictures. You were very excited, too – you enjoyed the speed, the colours, the people, the music – you kept clapping and giggling excitedly.

022 – Jan. 22


While in the mall yesterday, we did some shopping. I bought you 4 pairs of pants, two of which were overalls. All size 12-18 months. Well. While you’re still only 11 months, three pairs out of four were too small. The overalls too short, both of them – even though they are different brands! And jeans too tight in the belly. The “carpenter” pants are totally cool and even a bit long and loose, though (although the same brand as jeans… go figure!) I’ll have to go to the stores again and exchange, my giant baby…

023 – Jan. 23


I almost forgot to take a picture today. There were so many things that I did want to take a picture of. In the end, I think I took the most important one – happy bday to our daddy!

024 – Jan. 24


You got a rash 😦 You are all covered in rash. Your face is red and eyes are puffy and bum and lower back look sun-burnt. The rest is these little red bumps, rough to touch. Doctor says it’s either virus (nothing to be done about it) or allergy. Just in case, we’re giving you Benadryl (for allergy). Overall, you seem okay – a bit crankier than usual, but okay.


6 thoughts on “021-024

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      See, that’s the thing – we got so many clothes that the last time I needed to buy anything was like 6 months ago, maybe more. And now that I think of it – Timothy has been in 12-18 months clothes for a while – especially onesies. Pants are okay – his legs aren’t too long. So I was surprised that pants were small…


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