Daycare Transition, Day 1

Daycare Transition Day 1 – success.

We arrived at about 9:30 am, an administrative person greeted us at the door, led us to Timothy’s room and introduced to the childhood educator lady.

Hubby decided to tour the facilities, too – and stayed with us for some time.

We were shown around – wall with samples of art – yes, at this age (the group is 12-18 months) they already make art! A table with pictures of parents glued to the surface – babies enjoy those. A wall of babies’ pictures – sleeping. A wall of babies’ pictures doing various activities – apparently, those are being updated weekly. Schedule of activities. A journal where we will communicate Timothy’s day: we leave the last meal/diaper change/well-being remarks in the morning – and get daycare’s report in the evening on how Timothy ate/slept/etc. Sleeping area with cribs. Refrigerator with their lunches and snacks and bottles, all labeled.

It’s a big, bright room with colourful murals and lots of toys and books and clothes for dress-up playtime. There are 10 babies in the room, all of which looked happy and curious. Although none looked excited about anything. At mom and baby things there’s always at least one baby being very excited about something. Well, I guess those other babies have seen it all now, and aren’t all that excited.


Timothy fit right in. He joined a group of babies playing with some plastic toys – balls, buckets, gears. A girl stroked his hair. Another girl touched his toes. Ladies’ magnet 🙂 An assistant teacher was amazed at Timothy stacking a ring onto a pyramid without pausing. Timothy giggling at his reflection in a mirror. Timothy crawling around, exploring. He loved it.

At 10 am all the babies (or should I call him kids?) were gathered for the mid-morning bottle of milk, patiently waiting, listening to one assistant teacher singing, while another one was heating all the bottles in the microwave. It was time for us to leave – and I think Timothy didn’t wanna go. He liked it there.

Tomorrow I will stay with him for 15 minutes and then leave him – with a bottle of milk and a diaper – he will have milk with others and have his diaper changed with others, getting used to the idea. After 45 minutes, I will pick him up.

I think Timothy will like it there. There’s lots of activities, toys, other babies. I liked the employees (one actually speaks Russian!). I know he’ll be okay when all is well, he loves playing and interacting with others. I still worry about naps and mealtimes and times when he cries (like when he falls or something) – how will he react to me not being there for those? That I don’t know.

Overall, I am glad I exposed him so much to being around others. I am glad we went to all those mom and baby programs, playdates, and drop-ins. He felt very comfortable there, completely at ease. I feel better now about this whole daycare thing.

Well, we’ll see how it goes…


10 thoughts on “Daycare Transition, Day 1

  1. Sam

    So glad the first day went so well T. That bodes well for the future. You and Timmy will both work thru it as you face each new challenge but a great start is always a good way to head into challenges 😉



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