Daycare Transition – Day 3

Today was the third day of Timothy’s daycare transition. Agenda: bring Timothy, a diaper, and a milk bottle at 9:30 am, leave immediately like it will be on a usual morning, come back 90 minutes later.

Timothy woke up very early today: at 6:10 am and refused to go back to sleep. Kept whining and whining and whining. He even whined while he nursed. And then when he ate breakfast. And then… well, you get the picture. He kept being whiney, although would stop when distracted. I have to confess, I sort of liked the idea of not being the one to deal with whining. It’s okay when he cries, when he’s upset – it’s very hard on my when he whines all day long for no apparent reason.

Yesterday’s rain stopped and turned into tremendous windchill. Hubby drove us to daycare. I took the snowsuit off of him in the corridor (there’s a convenient changing table there for these purposes) and went into the room. As of tomorrow, we will not be allowed inside the room – we will be passing Timothy over the low door partition.

I took a few pictures of the room while I am still allowed and left quickly. This is the area where they drink milk at 10 am (sans the pillows)



As I stepped outside, I realized that I forgot to give them the milk bottle. Timothy was crying when I opened the door. I gave the bottle to the educator and left before Timothy could spot me.

Even though Timothy was crying, it was much easier today on me. Probably because I left right away – having not sat there, watching him play and laugh and crawl.

I went into a nearby cafe and sat there, doodling and writing down some list, for the 90 minutes.


When I came back, Timothy was happy to see me. Again, not in a “where the hell have you been for so long” way – the same happy smile that he gives me whenever I come from upstairs at home πŸ™‚

They said he whined and was tired and they tried to put him for a nap, but he couldn’t fall asleep. Unfamiliar place, no soother (my mistake), unfamiliar sounds…

But all in all he did well. He participated in some crafts activity, spreading glue with a gluestick. He ate some cheerios. He looked good.


He promptly fell asleep in the stroller on our way home and woke up happy and content, no more whining.

Since I am not going back to work yet, they suggested I continue transitioning him – instead of leaving him for the whole day, I should pick him up right after nap tomorrow. And then go from there – gradually picking him up later and later.

So this is it. Tomorrow Timothy is starting daycare. I labeled all his clothes and bottles and shoes. I packed a crib sheet and sleep sack. I prepared lunch and snacks (the daycare starts providing lunches for kids older than 18 months).

I feel better about it. Calmer. And actually quite excited for him – oh, the new activities he’s gonna learn, the crafts he’ll partake in, the games, the interactions… I bet it will all be interesting and fun. And mom will always have the cuddles ready in the evening πŸ™‚



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