Five more pics for the past 5 days of my 365 project.

028 – Jan. 28


Timothy met his new friend Michael, age 1 month. I wonder if Timothy recognized his old bouncer – he used to spend hours in it in the early months 🙂

029 – Jan. 29


Timothy and I next to the daycare centre, there for his first transition day (well… it wasn’t so much a day – only 30 minutes, and I was around at all times).

030 – Jan. 30


I am not going to write here about my tears as I left Timothy in daycare for transition day numero two (there was a post dedicated to it, after all)… So… Did I mention I am taking illustration classes? Here’s me trying out nib pens, brushes and ink washes. Freestyle doodling, I’d call it 🙂

031 – Jan. 31


Daycare transition day 3 – was pretty good. I didn’t cry, and Timothy did reasonably well.

032 – Feb. 1


Daddy and Timothy having a jam session in the morning – about to head out for the first real daycare dropoff.

Hubby called and said it went smoothly, Timothy was screeching, so excited he was to see those other kids again. I will pick him up around 2:30 pm…


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