Timothy’s First Full Day in Daycare – Report

This will be boring to most readers, I am posting more for my own memory 🙂

Timothy’s first (almost) full day in daycare went really well. “Almost” because I picked him up early – at 2:30.

He was happy when hubby dropped him off in the morning, screeching with excitement at seeing his fiends.

I called during nap time (around 1 pm) to ask after Timothy – they said he was doing really well. Are well, napped twice – both times falling asleep with no help from the caregivers (just playing quietly before falling asleep), all was well.

I came to pick him up – it was a bit of a learning curve for me. First things first: pick and pack all of his stuff, get the snowsuit and hat and boots ready – and then get the baby (caregivers told me to do this before Timothy saw me, which was good). I read the day’s report with interest (more on that below).

Then I went to get Timothy – and boy was that the widest smile ever! He was soooo happy to see me, screeching with delight, laughing, and being very excited.

And now the boring to all part – Timothy’s first ever report (my transcript of it… I’llspare you the dirty diaper report):



9:20-10:00 am

12:00-1:40 pm


He ate none of the morning snack. For some reason they only offer milk – and Timothy doesn’t drink milk. At all.

He ate all of his dinner – which was quite a lot. He ate the meat and veggie mix, and half of the cinamon apples I made for him.

And then for his pm snack he finished the apples and ate a whole banana.

Atta boy 🙂


Creative. Timothy participated ripping tissue and sticking it on Mac Tac paper (whatever mactac paper is, I am not sure). He seemed to enjoy it.


As Timothy’s first day he did a wonderful job. He seems very cooperative in circle time (they actually told me that as they were all singing and doing some hand gestures, Timothy observed and copied!). He was quite observing all the time.


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