Scheduled love life – all bad?

“Love life after having kids sucks…it either gets scheduled – or seizes to exist”

I hear this a lot. Hear, read – everyone’s saying that.

But, really, what’s so new about scheduling your love life? Does it have to be a bad thing?


Think back to when you were dating. When you had dates. When you used to have butterflies in your belly, waiting for that Friday night date. You loved it. It was amazing.

Well, I call that scheduled love life. You went about your own life on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, excitedly expecting the scheduled Friday night date.

So what’s changed? What’s standing in your way to make your “scheduled activities” exciting again? Put a fresh shirt on. Shave (both men and women). Get a new dress. Whether you choose to go out or stay in – it’s only up to you to make it a real date. Just like it used to be.




3 thoughts on “Scheduled love life – all bad?

  1. Надя Титова

    Согласна, в этом есть какая то особенная романтика! Как будто отношения идут по какому то новому витку… Ведь всё в этой жизни зависит от нас! Можно превратить семейную жизнь в бытовую рутину, а можно – наоборот – обогатить её ощущениями))).


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