Timothy in Daycare, Day 2

Today was Timothy’s second full day in daycare (or fifth day – if you count the three transition days when he stayed there for 1-1.5 hours).

Timothy woke up at 7:30 am…

…Let me just mention here, that although the first few nights after I stopped the 5 am nursing sessions a few weeks ago Timothy used to wake up a few times and cry, and then would wake up super early – like 6:15 am – now we’re all good. In fact, on both Satirday and Sunday he slep until 8 am. Heaven!

…Anyway, Timothy woke up at 7:30 am, nursed, I gave him his morning cereal with some apples that I cooked with cinnamon yesterday, and hubby took him to daycare. Again, hubby reported Timothy being happy and anxious to go play with others.

When I picked Timothy at 3 pm, he smiled very wide at me, then it went down to something in-between laughter, nervous giggling and crying. Poor guy. I guess he didn’t realize until that moment that I was missing.

The daycare staff reported that Timothy was happy all day, fell asleep on hid own again, ate well, played well… they say he’s an awesome child, very easy.

He is. He’s he bestest. Yes, that’s a word – when it comes to Timothy πŸ™‚

What was funny is that on our way back (me pushing him in the stroller), we went into a grocery store – and I left Timothy on the side while choosing onions and potatoes and such. That’s when he saw me and -again – got uber-happy. I guess all the way there, while I was pushing the stroller, he had no idea that I was right behind him.

He’s doing really well, although he’s a bit more clingy – he needs to hug a lot and distribute lots of saliva-rich kisses (I guess another tooth is on its way). I am loving it. Until now he used to pretty much ignore me when in the stroller unless I was really in his face. And only used to see his happiness when daddy gets home. Well, now I can see how happy he’s to see me. Is it cruel? Probably not. It’s not like I put him in daycare so that I can experience this love. But as a side product of this rather sad circumstance? I’ll take it!

And so as not to leave this post without a pic, this is how they go for walks: mega-stroller! According to the caretakers, most babies fall asleep πŸ™‚



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