Hmmm… Although I am taking pictures – I’m getting behind on posting them! Here are a few…

033 – Feb. 2


On most mornings you wake up at 6:30-7:30 am. I stumble into your bedroom, bring you back, and nurse you – while daddy and I try to catch a few more minutes of semi-sleep. And then you start crawling and jumping and tugging the pillow of daddy’s head, and standing up against headboard, and eventually falling on my head, and pointing at everything, requesting to be told what it’s called. It’s still relatively dark at this time of the day, so window is the most obvious thing to point at. You love watching out the window. I think you got it from me 🙂

034 – Feb. 3


For the first time I gave you cheerios in the spill-free cup. I showed you a few times how you can squeeze your hand through the rubbery flaps and get a cheerio. You spent the following 15 minutes trying to figure it out. You put your fingers without the thumb in – and couldn’t grab. You put your whole fist in and couldn’t get the cup off. You even absentmindedly brought your fist with a cheerio in it to your mouth – only to realize that the cup is on your fist. You threw the cup on the floor. You did this, you did that. Occasionally you succeeded, but so far you haven’t figured out that you can pull the cup off your hand with your other hand 🙂

035 – Feb. 4


This is how you go for walks now. The one time I saw you (came to pick you up as you were returning from a stroll) – you set in the last seat, staring somewhere. I knocked on the plastic cover and you were so happy to see me. And despite what the caretakers told me – you didn’t cry. I walk along and we looked at each other and smiled 🙂

036 – Feb. 5


You’re an easy boy. You don’t open cupboards and drawers. You don’t take books off the shelf – other than your books off of your dedicated shelf. And you don’t really go through the box of toys. Sometimes I think you’re just lazy like that. You’ll play with something on the floor, easy to access, rather than rummage for stuff. Except for your beloved buckets, of course. You’ll go great lengths to uncover your buckets 🙂

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