Still catching up with my 365…

037 – Feb. 6


This was a tough day for me. Daddy took you away to daycare in the morning, and I didn’t see you until the following morning. I had my illustration class, so daddy was the one to pick you up, too. I missed you so much. Daddy said you did well – ate, pooped, played, went to bed easily… And even though you woke up a bit too early the following morning – I happily ran to bring you over, I missed you so much!

038 – Feb. 7


Big day! Your first birthday. Next to your daycare room was a sign saying “happy birthday Tomothy” – daddy corrected the spelling 🙂 Mommy went to celebrate by spending a few hours in a spa and then on the way back got stuck in the grand Toronto blizzard. It was almost 6 pm by the time mommy finally got there and it broke my heart to see you there, among few other kids still not picked up. And on your birthday! We brought you home, aunt Vika gave you your gifts – one of which contained a set of buckets for the bath (you loved it) and one was a book with sounds – you loved it, too! Daddy brought a cake and a candle and we took a few pics and blew a candle for you. Happy birthday honey!

039 – Feb. 8


The great blizzard continued all day. We cancelled your pediatrician appointment to get your 1-year shots. Your dad had a hard time bringing you to and from daycare, he felt like rowing a boat rather than driving a car, that’s how much snow there was. And it seemed no one bothered clearing it up other than on highways. When you came back, we opened the sliding door and took turns touching the snow. You seemed very excited.


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