Tough Days

Both Timothy and I got a cold.

On top of it, I think Timothy got separation anxiety.

Tough combination.

This night, for the first time ever in his life, Timothy kept me up for 2 hours, from 3:40 am until 5:30 am. I kept going in. Patting his back. His head. Giving him pacifier. Sucking his snot with the lovely device. Taking him in my arms and rocking. Nothing worked. And hey, it sucks that the crib rails should be no more than “a dollar bill apart” – I can’t sit next to his crib and pat his back. I have to stand next to it, bent over, my back falling apart the longer I stand like that.

Last night wasn’t out of the blue. Timothy refused his afternoon nap. We tried a few times and each time he got hysterical, so we gave in. And he was ok, he survived until his usual 7 pm bedtime with only the 30-minute 9 am nap. Which he didn’t take happily either. And he woke me up (not for 2 hours, though) the previous night.

He’s fighting his afternoon nap right now, too (I kept him at home today).

He wants to be hugged and held a lot. Not too much – but more than he used to.

Pick me uuuuuup!

Pick me uuuuuup!

Methinks it’s classic separation anxiety brought on by daycare.

Tough, tough, tough.

On him, on me, on hubster.

And me being sick, too – makes it tougher. I just don’t have the energy to be all smiling and tender and understanding when Timothy’s fighting sleep. I am not used to him fighting sleep – he loves sleep! I am waiting for him to finally fall asleep now so that I cam finally take a shower.

At least I am not as exhausted as yesterday – hubster took care of Timothy this morning and let me sleep in. Bliss. I slept until 10 am. Btw, Timothy slept in, too – until 8 am. No wonder, eh? He missed 2 hours of his nighttime sleep!

Alright, enough of this rambling. Long story short: Timothy has a cold, Timothy has separation anxiety, mommy has a cold, mommy has zero energy, but I do believe he will get used to daycare soon (and we will get over this cold soon!).

The end.


17 thoughts on “Tough Days

  1. BleedingTulip

    No advice here.. Just a lot of sympathy and support. It’s totally unfair to be sick on top if an emotionally difficult time – but stress lowers our anoty to fight off colds, so it actually makes sense that you guys are sick. Lots of vitamin C and snuggles in my (non medical proffesional) opinion!

    1. Tanya Littleberry

      He doesn’t seem to be interested in cuddles either… he’s just cranky 😦 I try and cuddle with him, but he’s just trying to break free, non-stop! I am a bit better, and so is he (I think… I hope).

  2. Tanya

    Poor baby and poor mommy… Hope you both feel better soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if his waking up and fighting naps is being made worse because he doesn’t feel well. Hopefully, once he’s feeling better, he’ll sleep better again.

  3. Nadinka

    Oddly enough I had the same experience in the last two days. Misha spent 30-40 minutes crying out loud like never before everytime I tryed to put him to sleep. Nothing seams to help and there seems to be no reason for crying…. not even his tammy. He just cryed like crazy falling a sleep for a second when he got tired only to cry again shortly…. maybe its pressure changing due to weather?

    1. Tanya Littleberry

      Possibly. It could also be that Misha is changing his schedule – at this age they constantly change when they nap/nurse/play. Timothy always gets very upset if I “read” him wrong and put him down for a nap when he’s not interested in napping. He cried hysterically when this happens and looks extremely happy when I bring him back to his toys 🙂

  4. tinyandthecity

    Oh dear, poor mama and Timothy! It’s always hard when both baby and mommy are sick. 😦 I find it heartbreaking when LO’s noses are so stuffed up.. Tiny E tends to fight sleep too when he’s sick – I suspect it’s his stuffed up nose and phlegm. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

    1. Tanya Littleberry

      You know, I read about other babies being sick – they cuddle, they want to co-sleep, etc… Not Timothy. The mere idea of co-sleeping is ridiculous. If he has us around, he just cannot sleep, period. He will be screeching and complaining – and staying awake.

      I tried (his room got super-cold with the crazy winds of the snowstorm last week) – I thought I should keep them with us while his room got warmer. He had a different opinion. He likes to cuddle only when HE wants to. Men *eye roll* 🙂

    1. Tanya Littleberry

      Thank you Dida! I think we both are getting better.
      Although, I suspect that Timothy is cutting a tooth on top of everything, and that’s what caused all the night-time crying. He still has only 3.5 teeth!

      1. Dida Sundet

        Teething is terrible! We had to give Anakin some baby neurofen at the worst to get him some sleep and relief. His upper teeth really killed him. I hope Timothy cuts his tooth quickly. It’s no fun when there’s not much you can do to help!

        1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

          I gave some baby Advil (painkiller) last night, too – and that’s when he fell asleep… And then he was crying this afternoon, rubbing his gums. I kept looking for signs of ear infection – but no, it doesn’t seem that his ears bother him (I had earache yesterday). So probably it’s teething, poor baby…

  5. Zoe Rose @ papillonroses

    I know how you feel! Phoebe is needing lots of naps in the day with her being sick, and she’s been up the last four nights waking at 1, 3, 4, etc just crying miserably. I end up nursing her and then she usually goes back to sleep but it’s so tiring! Molars plus illness plus nursery isn’t a great combination at the moment! Let’s hope they both get better for us both soon.


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