040 – Feb. 9


After the huge snowstorm we both got sick; we were sitting at home, watching the knee-deep snow outside. I was so planning on getting out and letting you play in the snow… As it was, I scooped a bit of snow into a plastic container and made a small snowman for you on our kitchen floor. You obviously thought it to be yet another stacking toy that needed instant demolition 🙂

PS Oh, and you really didn’t like the cold, cold snow. You cried 🙂

041 – Feb. 10

Unfortunately, as it turns out, I didn’t take any pictures at all that day… First time I missed a day. That day we planned to celebrate your Birthday, go out and have lots of fun as a family – as it was, we stayed in. You missed your baby sign language class with your dad, and I just snoozed as much as I could…

042 – Feb. 11


I finally transferred you from your small inflatable bath into the real tub. At first you weren’t sure what’s this all about. You were sitting quietly, not moving, looking around. But then you were crawling, trying to stand up, and playing with your new nesting buckets – a birthday gift from my friend 🙂 You had a blast!

043 – Feb. 12


Your birthday gift from daddy and mommy arrived today, a bit late, but hey… you didn’t mind. HUGE panda! We think you like it. You know where panda is (you point when we ask you) and you learned quickly how to stroke the panda – you do so upon request. And you even give it hugs occasionally 😉


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