044 – Feb. 13


Still sick. You were somewhat okay, but I was really sick. I really spent a whole week pretty much sleeping. Yuck.

On this day the only picture I took was of your room’s plan of activities for the week. I enjoy reading about the stuff you guys are doing in daycare. So creative! I am actually happy you go there. I don’t think I would have ever came up with all these interesting things! You seem to be enjoying it.

045 – Feb. 14


Not much of a Valentine’s day for your sick mommy and overworked daddy, but you wore red jeans and white onesie, and had a Valentine’s day party in daycare. You brought a handmade Valentine’s day card for us and you received two cards from boys in your class. When I was a girl, boys received valentines from girls…

046 – Feb. 15


While you had been getting better, you seemed to have taken a turn for the worse today, yet again. Low grade fever reappeared – and your nose was just as runny as ever. Since we already had a pediatrician appointment – for your 1-year shot – we decided to keep the appointment and have you checked. Verdict: it’s a cold. Fluids, advil, cuddles… We kept you at home. The shot will have to wait.

047 – Feb. 16


We warned all the guests that you were still fighting a cold – and got a low grade fever – which didn’t seem to scare anyone. Well, they all go to daycare and get exposed to kids with runny noses anyways, I guess. So we had lots of fun. You were taking a good nap when the guests arrived and while you were a bit uncertain about this “invasion” when you woke up, you were quite happy with all the commotion. You love being around other kids. And receiving attention from all the grown-ups, too 🙂

048 – Feb. 17


Yet another slow day. Daddy took you to your baby sign language class today despite the severe cold alert (it’s literally 2 steps from parking), but I remained at home. I am starting to get really annoyed with all the staying in. I think I am getting over my cold. You are still suffering, though. I suspect you’re teething – and the pain of it is bothering you; I doubt runny nose could cause such despair as you exhibit every 8 hours when advil wears off…

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