049 – Feb. 18


Family day in Canada – not exactly a statutory holiday. Hubby was among the few that work; daycare closed, Timothy still sick. Another day of sucking snot and administering advil for night sleep.

050 – Feb. 19


I nursed Timothy at 6 am and decided to put him back in bed – and he fell asleep! And I fell asleep. Hubby woke me up at 8:30, asking me what to do: Timothy was still sleeping! We decided to keep him home for one more day and let him get over his cold. And sleep in. He slept until 9:30 am! And was a happy boy, playing with his nesting cups 🙂 One of his latest “things” is making sounds into a bucket and listen to the echo 🙂

051 – Feb. 20

Wednesdays is my Illustration Class night. Wednesdays is when I really miss Timothy: I only get to see him in the morning; in the afternoon I leave before Timothy and hubby come home. Sigh.

052 – Feb. 21

More and more I am immersing myself into the world of illustration, painting, and drawing. I am reading a lot of books – simultaneously. Which is quite unusual for me. Even more unusual is that none of the current books are fiction. And one of the books talks about composition and proportions and how the ancient greeks viewed these matters – which brought back memories of my visit to Greece years and years ago. I had been so excited to see the ruins of the ancient civilization, and get closer to the world where the fabulous mythology was born!

053 – Feb. 22


Yet again, nesting cups. Timothy is on the fast track to become the world’s youngest – and best – bartender. Note how he stacks his cups now! 🙂

054 – Feb. 23


…and he crawls with buckets in hands everywhere. Even when he climbs up the stairs – he doesn’t part with the buckets!

055 – Feb. 24


The picaboo game is his favourite now. He plays picaboo when eating (smearing his hands and then everything around him in food), when being changed, when bathing, when playing, even when there’s no one around! Although sometimes his picaboos leave a lot of room for improvement. Hey Timothy, no peeking!


4 thoughts on “049-055

  1. Zoe Rose @ papillonroses

    I like the drawings! Is Timothy better now? Phoebe was but now her ear is all pussed up so that’s going to be another trip to the doctors! And then it’s her 12 month jabs once all the illness has gone, so fun… picaboo looks cute!

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      Same here – Timothy started pulling and rubbing his ear on Sunday and then yesterday his eyes got all covered in yellow gunk and today the pediatrician confirmed a big honking ear infection that spread into his eyes 😦

      We’ve been waiting to get his 12-month shot for a month now! First he had a rash, and then he got this cold that’s been going for 3 weeks now 😦

      oh, daycare…

      1. Zoe Rose @ papillonroses

        We’ve got eardrops now, thankfully not in the eyes, hope he’s better soon! The joys of socialising with other children. Our doctor said that they can have their injections as long as they haven’t got a fever, but that I could wait until she was better properly- so that’s the plan!
        At least there’s someone else who understands the same pains!


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