Wow. With all the sickness, I’ve really fallen behind with my 365! I was taking pictures, but not sharing them. And, as it turns out, there was one day when I didn’t take a picture… I was way too sick. Anyway, here it goes:

056 – Feb. 25

Timothy is not feeling well, his right eye started producing unpleasant yellow gunk, we kept him at home.


057 – Feb. 26

A quick visit to the pediatrician revealed and ear infection that spread and infected Timothy’s eyes. Timothy’s staying home for now. He upped his stacking technique: now anything can be stacked, it’s not limited to his buckets!


058 – Feb. 27

Now I got really, really sick. Spent the whole night coughing. Timothy is still unwell, so I couldn’t catch on sleep during the day. Here’s a pic of Timothy in a walk-in clinic where I went to see if perhaps I needed some antibiotics, too (nope).


059 – Feb. 28

No pic. Timothy went back to daycare, and I was completely wiped out after two consecutive nights of 3 hours of sleep and 6 hours of cough 😦

060 – Mar. 1

Daddy amuses Timothy with spinning buckets. These buckets are magic. There’s so many things to be done with them!


061 – Mar. 2

Timothy now likes to stuff his face. It’s not enough to pick one cheerio at a time – he grabs a fistful – with each fist – and then stuffs the whole content of his right fist in his mouth. And forgets that he has something in his left fist. Sometimes he would finish eating, and still hold that first fistful in his left hand 🙂


062 – Mar. 3

Timothy started walking! Very short distances here and there, but so, so proud of himself!


063 – Mar. 4

The following days I didn’t take any pictures of Timothy, but I took pictures of my imaginary creatures that I drew.

064 – Mar. 5

065 – Mar. 6

066 – Mar. 7

Timothy is 13 months! His walking gets better every day! His daycare caregiver asked me to send more food for Timothy – he is hungry! Timothy is almost over his cold, but he still wakes up at night, crying. I suspect separation anxiety. He’s hard to quieten – he screams, not even cries! It takes 5-10 minutes for him to quiet down, slacken in my arms, lean on me and then cuddle and doze off.

He’s also often quite cranky at the end of the day. We figured he’s too hungry – so I now give him a snack when picking him up from daycare; and the first 30-40 minutes when we get home is quality one-on-one playtime, and only then I go make dinner. I got these advices from my mom group – and it seems to be working, Timothy stopped being cranky 🙂




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