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Today Timothy did something that melted me into a puddle.

As I was crouching by the dishwasher, stuffing it with all the dirty cutlery, Timothy dashed towards me and hugged me from behind. And then moved and hugged my upper arm, closing his eyes in delight.

This was the first time Timothy proactively hugged me. Oh so cool.



Ear Infection Numero Tres

And so it’s yet another ear infection.


I got really scared when Timothy woke me up at 4 am and he was scorching hot, pj’s soaking wet. He had a 39.7 (104.4) fever. I gave him advil and couldn’t go back to sleep until I made sure his fever started to fade away.

Walk-in clinic first thing in the morning – yep, another ear infection. Third one. He got one in February, one in March – now one in April. Something to do with his anatomy – the way his ear canals are built. His cousin actually had the same problem at first, then he grew out of it. Hopefully, Timothy will too – and won’t need tubes.

Timothy has spent the past 3 days pretty much plastered on to me. He even takes some of his naps on me (and he’s been taking 3 naps a day). He is quiet. He is happy to just sit in my arms. And as much as I feel sad, sorry and worried, I have to admit a part of me enjoys the closeness, especially since I lost milk and stopped nursing him 2 weeks ago. A part of me melts with tenderness and love. A part of me soaks in the cuddles.

We watch movies together – musicals, cause they’re colourful, have lots of movement and singing… Timothy enjoys it. I read to him. He drinks a LOT.

Oh, and it turns out advil’s dosage on the packaging is waaay off. That’s why it didn’t help much with Timothy’s fever. it says to administer 1.4 ml until the age of 2 – the doctor said that based on Timothy weight, we should be giving him 2.5-3 ml! That’s two times more! And now it actually does help, Timothy was much more lively this afternoon.

I hope he gets well, soon. My poor baby 😦

Timothy is 14.5 months now.

He just learned to nod his head “yes” and “no”. He hasn’t mastered the skill yet, but he gets ecstatic when I ask him “do you want [blank]?” and he nods his head and I give it to him! You can see it in his eyes: did I just manage to communicate what I want?? So cool!


His new favourite toys are books and gears.


He now “gets” certain games. He gets it when I run away to hide from him: he freezes in his spot, watches me go, and laughs – and once I’m out of sight, he follows me and gets extremely excited when he finds me.

He knows more and more gestures for nursery rhymes, e.g. wheel on a bus, etc. He participates more and more.

He dances when there’s music on – he does this cute bobbing up and down.


The only sad thing is that he keeps getting all the viruses in the daycare. Most of them don’t bother him much, regardless of fevers, coughs, etc. – but right now he has a pretty bad one. I wish I could be sick instead of him. At least he slept well today, my precious little boy.


All is Well!

Ooops – I have been quiet for almost an entire month! I didn’t even realize until I got a “is everything ok?” comment…

All is well. What happened is that I went back to work a month ago, and I also got into drawing and painting quite a bit (which I am sharing on my other blog and I an writing a photo-email about Timothy with all of his latest achievements to all of our relatives – in Russian… so this blog just sort of slipped.

Anyway, we’re fine. Timothy went through a second ear infection, we got that cleared, and now it looks like he got another cold. His cough is pretty bad and he was very, very tired the whole day today, taking 4 (shorter than usual, though) naps. Two of which he took in my arms.

Yes, I was away for 5 days on a business trip and just got back yesterday and it was hard! So now I hold him in my arms quite a bit. I missed him so much. I picked him up from daycare on my way home from the airport – in a cab. I was so looking forward to smelling the top of his head, but he really smelled of daycare, not of him 🙂 It was very emotional… Only 5 days – and he already walks much better and there are more “words” and he even looks somehow different. In 5 days!

I brought him home through the garage and he kept pointing at the entry door and saying “ka!” Only when hubby came home did he explain me that they went to playground a couple of times – Timothy loved the swing so he now asks for it. “Ka” is the first syllable in the Russian word for “swing”.


Timothy is quite good at walking now.


He still is not interested in even trying to use the spoon. He is using the sippy cup but hasn’t figured out what to do if it’s only half-full. He finally lost interest in his stacking cups (he played with them for 7 months straight!) and is now into books big time. He flips through the pages on his own and brings books to me – to be read to. He also figured out how to attach gears – and lost interest once he figured it out.


According to daycare staff, he says “ball” and “all done!” – in English. In Russian, he says “ka” for a lot of things. Sometimes for words that don’t even start with “ka” 🙂

For the past week he stopped pooping 4 times a day and went to a more manageable 1-2 times a day. He also is eating a bit less.

He is CRAZY about bread. We now have to keep it hidden, cause the moment he sees it, he wants it.

I bought a different brand of cheerios (by heinz – same shape) – he refused them. He spent a couple of minutes taking cheerio after cheerio into his mouth only to spit it out and take the next one. Until I took them all away and gave him his usual whole-grain ones. Then he was content 🙂

Timothy had his first visit to the zoo – and he loved it. He watched the animals (once we would point out where to look), he pointed, he looked quite excited.

Timothy the chick 🙂


“Where is the monkey?”


In short, life is great 🙂 I just cannot wait for the winter to finally leave – I hope the cold and sniffles will disappear, too…