Timothy is 14.5 months now.

He just learned to nod his head “yes” and “no”. He hasn’t mastered the skill yet, but he gets ecstatic when I ask him “do you want [blank]?” and he nods his head and I give it to him! You can see it in his eyes: did I just manage to communicate what I want?? So cool!


His new favourite toys are books and gears.


He now “gets” certain games. He gets it when I run away to hide from him: he freezes in his spot, watches me go, and laughs – and once I’m out of sight, he follows me and gets extremely excited when he finds me.

He knows more and more gestures for nursery rhymes, e.g. wheel on a bus, etc. He participates more and more.

He dances when there’s music on – he does this cute bobbing up and down.


The only sad thing is that he keeps getting all the viruses in the daycare. Most of them don’t bother him much, regardless of fevers, coughs, etc. – but right now he has a pretty bad one. I wish I could be sick instead of him. At least he slept well today, my precious little boy.



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  1. St. Elsewhere

    Isn’t it amazing when words are involved and the communication is completed that way? I love this stage really.

    Glad to see Timothy doing well. Figzy is all into the hiding game too.

    As far as the daycare thing is concerned, I had great advice from someone when Figzy started daycare at 6 months…she definitely did catch more viruses because of the exposure, but I like to think that it will improve her immunity, and make her more social.

    BTW, is there any established cause as to why Timothy is having ear infections again and again?

    1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

      They say it has to do with his anatomy, the way his ear canals are. And since his cousin kept getting them all the time until he turned two, I am thinking this might be true


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