Baby Sign Language – Finally!

We started baby sign language classes when Timothy was about 7 months old. We were at it for a few months and then got disheartened by the absence of signing on Timothy’s part.

And now – pretty much overnight – he started signing!

He’s been signing “more” for some time now – because they sign it in daycare. He’s been signing my made-up sign for “cherrios” (waving an “o: sign in the air).

But yesterday as we were reading a book, he signed “dog”, “cow”, “horse”, and “cat”! And today I showed him “pig” a few times – and now he signs that, too!

Signing "pig"

Signing “dog” – slapping a hand on a thigh

Signing "pig"

Signing “pig” – clutching a fist next to the nose

Signing "cow"

Signing “cow” – thumb and pinky stretched out like horns

Signing "horse"

Signing “horse” – thumb, index and middle fingers stretched out like horse’s ear

And he signs “bread”. He’s been signing it for some time, too – we just didn’t know that’s what it meant!

So we re-doubled our signing efforts now! Very exciting stuff!


4 thoughts on “Baby Sign Language – Finally!

  1. Amanda Zais

    Wow! That is so awesome!! I’ve been trying to get my kiddo to catch on with a few signs but he does not seem interested at all. I’m pretty jealous 😉


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