Sick Timothy…

I know. I’ve been quiet. Everything was great – I just got immersed in painting, sketching, illustrating… The time I used to devote to blogging is increasingly being allocated to this old hobby of mine – brought back to life.

Timothy is sick, again – and this time we’re not sure what’s up. Early Monday morning he woke me up – he had a 38 C fever.

By noon it became 39.

I took him to a walk-in clinic. We waited for 2 hours and the doctors didn’t see anything. Even his ears – one was clear and another a bit red, but no infection, no puss – nothing to explain the 39C fever.

We spent the rest of the day and night on advil and tylenol. I woke up with the heaviest head, extremely tired.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Timothy was very winy and tired all morning; after his afternoon nap he woke up quite happy – he ran around, played, giggled, he temperature went down. I started hoping it was just some nasty 24-hour virus.

But no.

Towards evening his temperature started rising again and got to 39.5 degrees.

I took him to the doctor this morning (our doctor this time). She also said that one ear is clear and there’s a bit of fluid in another. She mentioned starting him on antibiotics for that, but honestly – I am not sure a fever that high could be caused by a bit of fluid.

She put some bag in his diaper to collect his urine and told us to wait until he pees. We waited. And waited. And waited. For FOUR freaking hours. Twice I asked her how could it possibly be that he didn’t pee in all this time?! Her response was he must feel the bag and hold it in. I got my response when I got home: the bag got dislodged so he simply kept peeing in his diaper all this time. I was too tired to even feel angry at that point. I sat Timothy in my lap, held a jar and patiently waited for him to pee (he watched TV) – 20-30 minutes later I got what I waited for. Hubby will bring it to the clinic tomorrow morning.

Timothy’s fever reached 40C in the meantime (that’s 104F!!!) WTF?

Tylenol helped, but Timothy is very winy, tired, has almost no appetite…

I don’t know. I googled. Maybe it’s roseola? If it is roseola. then tomorrow the fever should subside and he should break in rash. If not… well, back to see a dactor, I guess.

I don’t know – am I wrong to object to shoving more antibiotics into him while there’s no proof of infection?..


11 thoughts on “Sick Timothy…

  1. Sam

    Shame poor bug, hope he feels better soon. I would wait to have a diagnosis as long as you feel comfy to control the fever in the mean time. xxx

  2. A Miracle In the Works

    While I haven’t experienced Roseola, I have friends whose kids have and it sure sounds like it. Hope it is so you have an explanation. Hope he’s better by now (!) – I’m late reading this 🙂

  3. Jay Dee

    Ugh. So annoying to have a sick kid, isn’t it? Tommy’s been sick for most of the past 2 1/2 months. Colds, ear infection, pneumonia with hospitalization, adenovirus, bronchitis, and now what seems to be another cold. Thankfully, she’s cheerful the entire time.

        1. Tanya Littleberry Post author

          yes 😦
          that’s why we need to see a specialist
          Timothy’s cousin also had lots of ear infections
          so it’s probably something about the anatomy of his ear canals that retains liquid there

  4. gcroft

    Sorry to hear your boy was sick, but good to know he is ok now. Did the docs shed some light on what was wrong?


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